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Wright Construction is an environmentally- conscious organization and has been involved with multiple LEED recognized projects



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For over 23 years, Wright Construction Company has developed a reputation for delivering quality concrete projects safely, on time, and within budget.

Our work can be seen in some of the Mid-South’s most recognizable landmarks and businesses. We are committed to quality performance that meets our clients expectations.

Established Concrete contractors in Nashville TN, concrete contractors in Birmingham AL and concrete contractors in Memphis TN. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how Wright Construction can be of service to you.


  • Demolition
    We are no stranger to major demolition projects in urban and rural areas in the Mid South.  An assessment of the area to be cleared and it’s surroundings dictates the equipment to be used from the controlled use of  explosives,  Jack hammers,  back hoes, dump trucks and all other types of commercial construction equipment to be used  for safety and effective removal of debris  to be properly disposed of being hauled to approved dumping locations.  Demolition and removal  of the debris will depend on the type of materials to be removed  such as concrete slabs, rebarb, brick structures  and asphalt require individual consideration and each project is carefully assessed.  Expenses estimated for the demolition is detailed in the total project costs to deliver a completed project estimation to our clients satisfaction.
  • Concrete Slab Repair
    Concrete slabs may develop minor or major cracks due to water erosion or improper construction installation or ground movement such as earth tremors and the like.  An assessment of the concrete slabs and their supporting structures will determine the concrete construction solution that will be used to restore  reliability and safety of the slab and structure it is supporting.
  • Pavement & Joint Repair
    Concrete cracks in the slabs and around the joints can be the result of poor water drainage design or many other reasons including wear and tear of usage and age of original structure.   There are many solutions to repair pavement and joint cracks.  We will do a full assessment and provide the most efficient and effective solution to bring the pavement and joints to the standard and integrity a structure should demonstrate.
  • Epoxy Repair
    The use of Epoxy for cracks in foundations and concrete walls usually affords an excellent solution to repair the structure depending on entire assessment of the  structure and it’s surroundings.    An investigation of the reason for the damage also is critical to the full restoration of the structure.  The use of Epoxy has been an effective solution in many cases.
  • Dock Pit Installation
    We many years’ experience in the design and installation of Dock Pits for ease of truck deliveries and shipments. The size and location of the loading area are some of the critical considerations such as angel of road entrance and the like, are carefully taken into design specifications for ease of approach and safely exiting Dock Pit area.
  • Structural Concrete Repair
  • Floor Leveling
  • Drainage Repair & Trench Drains
    Concrete and Asphalt paving and construction require appropriate effective water drainage design using many different proven techniques and materials.  Proper water drainage will assist in the longevity and stability of the concrete or asphalt structure.
  • ADA Accessibility
    While using the latest technologies and designs in all our concrete construction and asphalt projects for both new construction and renovations, the ADA specifications are an integral part of our considerations as we follow the regulations and research for any newly approved regulations to secure our projects are within the ADA standards.  Wright Concrete Construction and Asphalt design teams review the ADA implementation rules and guidelines before starting any project designs.
  • Pipe Bollards
  • Concrete Foundation Repair
    A full assessment of the structural issues and damaged foundation supporting it determines what the repair project will entail.  Our engineers are well versed in every size of concrete foundation repair and use the latest technologies and building materials to achieve the best results in restoring both the building and the foundation’s  solid support  and structural integrity.